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Guided Dental Implant Surgery

We are excited to provide our Walnut Creek dental patients who are considering dental implants to replace missing teeth with a modern and state-of-the-art approach to dental implant placement. Our guided dental implant surgery is a technology-driven approach to dental implant placement that utilizes 3D imaging and computer-generated models to plan and guide the procedure. The purpose of guided dental implant surgery is to achieve greater accuracy and predictability in the placement of dental implants, resulting in a more successful outcome for our patients.

How Guided Dental Implant Surgery Works

We use highly detailed 3D imaging from our cone beam CT x-ray unit to create a detailed virtual model of our patient's jawbone and surrounding structures. From here, this model is used to plan the placement of the implants, taking into account the anatomy and ensuring that the implants are positioned for optimal stability and function.

These 3D models allow us to build a very precise surgical guide that is custom-made to fit your mouth and direct dental implant(s) into their exact location(s), reducing the risk of complications and ensuring a smoother and more efficient surgical procedure.

Benefits of Guided Dental Implant Surgery

Guided dental implant surgery allows for greater accuracy in the placement of dental implants, reducing the risk of complications and ensuring a more successful outcome.

Additionally, the use of a surgical guide and computer-generated models can minimize the need for traditional, invasive surgical techniques and reduce the time required for surgery.

Guided Dental Implant Surgery FAQs

How is guided dental implant surgery different from traditional implant surgery?
In traditional implant surgery, the placement of implants is done freehand and relies on the experience and skill of the dentist. In contrast, guided dental implant surgery allows for a more accurate and efficient placement of implants with less tissue disruption, resulting in less pain and a faster healing time.

Who is a good candidate for guided dental implant surgery?
Guided dental implant surgery is ideal for most patients who require one or multiple dental implants, especially for those with challenging jaw anatomy or who have limited bone density. Patients who are in good overall health and have realistic expectations are usually good candidates for this procedure.

Is guided dental implant surgery painful?
Guided dental implant surgery is designed to be minimally invasive and less painful compared to traditional implant surgery. Local anesthesia or sedation may be used to ensure a comfortable and pain-free experience during the procedure.

How long does guided dental implant surgery take?
The length of a guided dental implant surgery procedure can vary depending on the number of implants being placed and the complexity of the case. On average, a single implant placement can take between 30 to 60 minutes, while a full arch reconstruction can take several hours. However, the actual time will depend on the individual case and the dental professional performing the procedure.