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White Spot Treatment

ICON White-Spot Removal on Teeth

Using the ICON white-spot treatment system, we apply a highly fluid resin, which painlessly enters the tooth’s pore system, filling it and preventing cavity-causing acids from penetrating. This means any present decay is stopped quickly and we’re able to preserve the tooth’s structure and prolong its life expectancy. It also balances out discoloration and helps the white spots blend in with your healthy enamel.

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What Causes White Spots on Teeth?

There are three main causes of white spots on teeth.

  1. Decalcified enamel on teeth due to long-term bacteria buildup in the mouth and consequent mineral loss of the tooth. In this case, white spots that form due to demineralization may indicate tooth decay.
  2. A condition called "Turner's tooth" is a condition characterized by a defect in the quality and thickness of enamel. Turner's tooth can be caused by multiple factors, such as malnutrition, smoking during pregnancy, preterm birth, or high fever due to illness. People with these white spots may be more prone to sensitivity and decay in the areas of the spots.
  3. Fluorosis is common in children and occurs due to excess fluoride exposure. Although there are many benefits of fluoride, too much can cause tooth discoloration. Excess fluoride can come from drinking tap water, swallowing toothpaste, or taking fluoride supplements.
Close up of teeth with white spots on them